Tim O'Brien is a person of character... He is a gentleman who cares about each person who comes into his life. I know because he literally "saved me" when I had my knee replacement 6 months ago. He was always there for me - calling to ask if he could help in any way! He knew I needed him before I did! He drove me, he grocery-shopped for me, he got my medicine before I ran out!  He just CARES for his fellow man! 

I can't say enough about his trustworthiness!! Each time he was kind enough to do these things for me - he made what he called "Executive Decisions" - always saving me money!!!


Kay Luntz

Tim has been my personal driver for over a year. He is dependable and very trustworthy. Tim has driven me to services at Temple for calling hours for my friends who have passed away and done shopping for me at places like Walgreen's and Giant Eagle. He has taken me to special events and programs with little notice from me. He is very accommodating. Tim is always prompt and reliable. I highly recommend him to take you to your destination. His fees and charges are very reasonable.


Edith Benjamin

My family and I have worked with Tim for 3 years. He is efficient courteous, professional, and trustworthy. On numerous occasions, he sacrificed his own personal convenience to accommodate our needs, which involved primary transportation for our travel schedule. 

His pricing schedule is more than fair and I would recommend him enthusiastically to any potential customer.

Jeffery S Wilkof

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